Campus life happens, events such as goal achievement and success attract celebration while disappointing and saddening situations tend to attract depression. All these affect emotional life. Emotional imbalance either towards happy or sad side is a threat to your health and lifestyle since it reduces production potential.

How to maintain emotional balance in campus
How to maintain emotional balance in campus/Photo

Extreme high and low moments in campus life are almost inevitable. Without the ten key points we’ll discuss today, many create unnecessary wounds which cost to heal.

Know your weak points

Analyze your past and tell which particular events shake your emotions. Next time you face such, take your time to determine how you react.


This five letter word is a life pillar. Haste wastes. In the midst of events, find calm in your mind. It creates space for fresh decisions.

Run NOT away from yourself

Be courageous and face your conscience. It always tells you what you really need deep inside yourself.

Under pressure???

Take deep breathe. Consider the potential outcome verses cost of the decision you are about to make.

Something new?

Be careful! Regardless of your perception of the new thing, remember you are a unique individual and its effect on other people doesn’t have to be similar for you.


No man is an island. Get close friends, if possible. Those that you can talk to freely and even seek relevant advice.

Filter whatever you’re told. Another man’s meat may not be yours too.


Yes, counsel. Seek it. Don’t think you know exactly what you’ll find in counseling before you seek it.
You can seek professional counseling or from experienced individuals whom you look up to.


Unless you have to, do not make unsure moves. Give yourself enough time; it will be worth it.

Next time

There is always next time. Just that.


Your life is your responsibility. Do nothing just for the sake of it.
For those who believe in destiny, being intentional in whatever you do is a sure route there.

Reading is a pre-step, putting into practice is the thing. Visualize yourself in an emotionally stable life then let these points take you there!

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