Listing of Fake Degree Programmes, Courses in Kenyan Universities

NOTE on Listing of Fake Degree Programmes, Courses  offered in Kenyan  Universities relying on CUE reports. has been listing a list of unapproved/unaccredited courses offered by different universities in Kenya.



commission for university education cue degree

Commission for university education-CUE/Photo

How we arrived at the list  of fake degrees programmes offered in Kenya


The commission for university education (CUE) is the body mandated to accredit/approve courses  offered in different learning institutions in Kenya.   CUE was established under the Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012. It is the Government agency mandated to regulate university education in Kenya. on the other hand is a private owned education content news provider.

Kenyayote retrieves a list of approved  degree programmes that have been published by CUE and cross checks them with the list of courses  offered  different universities  that is published in the institution’s official website.

We then pick courses that are listed in the university’s website that are not available in the CUE list of approved courses and publish them as being fake/unaccredited or unapproved.


You can as well download list of accredited degree programmes  offered  in Kenya by CUE HERE

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