University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi’s style of leadership risks sinking the institution if urgent measures are not taken

Photo: University of Nairobi Prof. Peter M. F. Mbithi
(Photo: University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor-Prof. Peter  Mbithi)

Since the appointment of Prof. Peter Mbithi as the Vice Chancellor  of University of Nairobi, the institution’s good public image is declining. Freedom of expression has been suppressed. Protests are the order of the day. Totalitarianism has become the norm in UON .

Prof. Mbithi is deeply undermining not just the university ethics, transparency, accountability and good governance, but also undermining all the universal principles which have characterized the great university in Kenya.

The Professor has converted University of Nairobi into a private company “owned” by him, and the SENATE. Introducing new rules each day without involving student leaders to mute dissenting voices.

He has has adopted an increasingly dictatorial style of management. Suspending and expelling critics of his rotten regime. The UON senate on the other hand has turned into a petty committee where personal mudslinging and sucking up to bad leadership model is .

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The University of Nairobi is at the crossroads. It has reached a crisis point. It could end up being a big failure if the Council and the ministry of education do not evaluate governance aspects . We could be heading towards a sustainable decline of the University of Nairobi.

An independent inquiry is the only way to resolve and find out the extent of the rot in the University of Nairobi senate. CS Matiangi should suspend Prof. Mbithi and launch an investigation to the abuse of his office.

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