For how long do you hold on to people, habits, behaviors, relationships, jobs, name them; when you are so sure that you don’t need them and that you deserve better? I will tell you when it is necessary to let go and how to do so.

When is it necessary to let go?

It is necessary to let something go if it does not add value to your life. You may even have tried doing away with it but you did not manage.

As mentioned earlier, it could be anything. Ranging from how you relate with yourself to how you relate with your environment.

What do you deserve?

Discover and determine what you’d like to have in place of what you are getting rid of.

That will make you more comfortable and at peace. More often than not, you have it in mind but you keep sidelining it. Fear not, you can achieve it as long as our mind can see it.


Use parallel changeover mechanism. Spend less and lesser time on the irrelevant entity of your life while beginning to invest time on what you’ve realized that you deserve.


The mind

It all happens here. Tune our mind into the tone of what you really want. Constantly push away what is irrelevant as you concentrate on what you need. This may take some time but if you succeed in tuning your mind, then your life takes a right turn.

The cost

In case it takes resources to keep the irrelevant factor going, it’s time to starve it by cutting down the cost. This will in turn set you ‘free’ to seize the real desire of our life. If you can channel the resources towards a more valuable choice, the better.

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Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of how long you’ve spent in something you have the right to be free of it when it becomes irrelevant. It may be tough but it will be for the better good.

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