Laikipia County first senator, Hon Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki commonly known as G.G is dead. Information obtained by Kenyayote indicate that the veteran politician G G Kariuki died in the night of Friday 30th June 2017 in a Nairobi hospital aged 79.

Laikipia Senator, Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki dies in hospital, death cause
Laikipia Senator, Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki dies in hospital,cause of death yet to be known/Photo


Laikipia Senator Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki’s death


The cause of G.G. Kariuki’s death has not yet been revealed but we have learnt that the veteran politician who served in president Moi and Kibaki regime died in the night of the wake of Friday 30th June 2017 .

More information about Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki’s passing away to be updated

Political History of Godffrey Gitahi Kariuki’s

Before his death,  G.G Kariuki served as the senator of Laikipia County where he was elected in 2013.
He has served as a member of for Laikipia West Constituency. G.G also served as the cabinet minister in the Moi  and Kibaki government.

G.G Kariuki entered politics in 1959 and was the longest serving elected politician in Kenya.

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