KUCCPs Online Revision and Application for admission/placement procedure

NOTE: A NEW REVISION PROCEDURE HAS BEEN UPDATED. Ignore the one below and check the new one here: NEW REVISION PROCEDURE




The KUCCPs portal  will be used by individual applicants for application of programme choices . The procedure is as outlined below;
1.1. Applicant Eligibility For a candidate to be eligible to apply for placement, the following conditions will apply:
i). A Kenyan Citizen governed by Chapter III of the Constitution of Kenya and the Kenya
Citizenship Act Cap 172 of 2011.
ii). Application will only be eligible to the 2016 KCSE candidates. Candidates of the year(s)
preceding 2016 with a minimum grade of C- and above are also eligible for diploma courses

iii). The minimum placement requirement to apply for bachelor’s degree will be grade C+  while the minimum admission requirement to apply for a diploma will be C-(MINUS).


Applicant Choices;


i. Candidates with an overall grade of grade C+ will be allowed to make a total of 6 choices for either degree or diploma programmes.
ii. Candidates with an overall grade of C- and above but below grade C+ will be allowed to make a maximum of 6 choices from diploma programmes.
iii. Choices 1(a), 1(b) and 1(c) must be similar programmes while Choices 2, 3 and, 4 can be any other programmes. Candidates with disabilities will download and fill the Disability application form and return the dully filled form to the Placement Service.


1.3. Application Requirements;

All applicants will require the following as contained in the 2016 K.C.S.E examination Registration Information;
• KCSE Index No,
• KCPE Index No,
• Birth Certificate Number and in addition,
• Enough money in your Mpesa to pay for revision.
The revision charge is Ksh. 1,000 for those candidates who had applied in School and Ksh. 1,500 for those who had not applied in school.

NOTE: A NEW REVISION PROCEDURE HAS BEEN UPDATED. Ignore the one below and check the new one here: NEW REVISION PROCEDURE

Procedure for Online application of Programmes Choices

Step 1:

Access from your computer http://students.kuccps.net


Step 2:

The student should input their index number, the year they sat for KCSE examination and their
birth certificate number according to the information given to KNEC. In case the birth certificate number was not provided during registration the student should use their KCPE index number as the password.

kuccps placement procedure1




• Access Courses / Programmes within a particular grouping by clicking the group name e.g.

placement procedure2


Click on the particular programme that you want to pursue i.e. if it is Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering), click on it.

placement procedure 3


The following page shows the cluster subject requirements for a particular course, similar programmes and their codes that will be used on the application and a key for the abbreviated institution.

revision procedure 2016 4


a) Pay the required amount through your mobile phone by Mpesa following the instructions below:
• Go to M-PESA on your phone.
• Select Pay Bill option.
• Enter Business no. 820201.
• Enter KCSE Examination year followed by 11 Digit INDEX NO e.g.201401234567891 as your
account number.
• Enter the Amount.
• Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.
b) You will receive a payment confirmation message from Mpesa. The confirmation message received from MPESA should not be deleted as it the transaction ID number will be used to confirm the changes every time one makes a change / update on the system.






Use the link titled APPLICATION/REVISION to complete your application/revision as follows:
a) Enter the Programme codes for the revised programme choices that you recorded on the column labeled “New Programme Code” and Tick “ select to change/revise” column programmes you want to change / Revise.
b) The choices you have made will be displayed below if the changes / revision was saved
successfully (without errors). If you find errors indicated in red, correct and save again.

revision procedure 5


Step 6: Log Out / Sign Out

You MUST Log out when you have finalized with application. This is necessary so as to keep your application information safe.

For further assistance, an applicant may visit the KUCCPS offices at 1st Ngong Avenue, ACK Garden. Community, during the application period. Enquires may also be made by sending an email through info@kuccps.ac.ke or Call either 0723-954-927 or 0734-879- 662 between 8 am and 5 pm during the application period.


There will be NO MANUAL REVISION using physical application forms. Application must be done online following the procedure given above.
All payments for application MUST be made through MPESA as explained in step 4 of the
procedure. Any other mode of payment will NOT BE ACCEPTED.


For more info visit official KUCCPS website www.kuccps.net

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