Kenyans’ full attention is focused on the supreme court of the land where the opposition is contesting credibility of the just concluded elections and by extension Uhuru Kenyatta’s win. Counsels from both NASA and IEBC made their submissions as Kenyans keenly followed proceedings. However, it was PLO Lumumba who caught the ears (and wrath?) of Kenyans with his usual display of mastery in the Queen’s language.


Kenyans on Twitter, infamously known as KOT, are known to take no hostages and PLO was on their receiving end. Most were quick to bash his choice for big words, citing that his submission was not substantiative and that he was basically using big words to cover for lack of legal content.


Some in the legal profession pointed that their fellow learned friend PLO was not differentiating between applied law and the law he taught in school or dispensed in public speaking events. Not known to mince his words, former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Miguna Miguna said, “PLO Lumumba’s robust rebuttal had no legal substance, it was just rhetoric.” Legal Scholar Makau Mutua posed, “Does my friend PLO Lumumba have anything more than the grating sound + fury of the English language? Justice is plain spoken, not bombastic.”

PLO thew around words and phrases like “de minimis non curat lex,” “schizophrenic jurisprudence with which the petitioner trioxidated the submission is gastrocnemius,” leaving many a mouth agape.

NASA lawyer Otiendo Omollo however won admiration from both camps with the eloquent and concise manner in which he made his submissions. Other lawyers who have impressed so far include Fred Ngatia and Paul Mwangi.

Here are some reactions from KOT;


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