Irate youths in Kisumu disrupted an alleged inter-religious peace meeting in a hotel after rumours emerged that the meeting was a cover for an ID-buying exercise. It is alleged that several people were injured in the mid-morning scuffle.

Police arrived at the scene to rescue women who were trapped in the hotel. Moments later unrest erupted in the lakeside town as youth poured into streets and engaged police in running battles.

Cases of Jubilee agents buying national ID cards in NASA strongholds have been widely reported with several culprits getting beaten.

Reportedly, Sirisia MP John Waluke was roughed up on Monday after he was cornered spearheading ID buying in his constituency. Photos of an injured woman who was with him at the time were widely circulated on social media.

The woman believed to have been buying IDs in Bungoma. Photo | Courtesy

In Vihiga, former governor Moses Akaranga also faced hostility after it emerged he was coordinating the ID buying exercise in his county. This is after he hosted chiefs and sub-chiefs from the region.

Most of those caught abetting the malpractice are individuals that Uhuru Kenyatta has hosted at State House, fuelling speculation that they went to collect funds for buying IDs.

The ID buying mission is geared towards realizing lower voter turnout in NASA strongholds, hence dent Raila Odinga’s chances of beating Uhuru in the upcoming presidential polls re-run.

Several NASA loyalists are encouraging youth in the coalition’s strongholds to beat anyone caught buying IDs. NASA co-principals are yet to issue a statement over the same.

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In other news, a delegation of about 5,000 individuals from the Gusii community were hosted in State House Nakuru earlier today. President Uhuru has been hosting such delegations from NASA strongholds as he seeks to woo voters from those regions to back his re-election bid.

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