Kisii Soapstone: Tabaka Carvings, Mining, Animals in Kenya, Africa: Shop

Soapstone selling is a multi million business in Kenya. The main source of soapstone mining and exports is Tabaka, Kisii Kenya.  Below you will find photos of  mines, carvings shops and where to buy one.

Kisii Soapstone in Tabaka animals

Animal Soapstone, Carved in Tabaka, Kisii, Kenya/photo


There are different colors of soapstone in Kenya. But the most common ones are those mined in white and black in color.  The biggest mines are located in Tabaka, Kisii county in the former Nyanza Province.
Soapstone are normally mined, Carved, decorated, packed and exported. The largest export market for soapstone mined in Tabaka are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and United States America (USA).
Types of Soapstone Carvings end product

  • Animal Soapstone ( giraffes, cats, elephants, Rhinos, hippo e.t.c
  • Plates and bowls
  • Eggs soapstone
  • Candlestick Holders
  • Frog and Pop Snake Game for kids
  • Chess Set Board  soapstone
  • Family Unity
  • sculptures
  • e.t.c

Where to Buy Tabaka Soapstone in Kenya, Africa

There are different places where you can purchase or order for soapstone carved in Kenya. For instance,  you can order for some from Ebay. However, the best place to buy customized soapstone is in Tabaka, Kisii. So how do you get there?

Am not good in giving directions through writing. Contact me and I will give you directions on how to go about it. That is my home place though i reside in Nairobi.  My no: +254720680341.


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Photos of Soapstone Carvings


1. People Inside a soapstone in Tabaka

Soapstone Mining Quarry in Tabaka

Soapstone Mining Quarry in Tabaka, Kisii/Photo

2. Workers carving soapstone in Tabaka

Residents Carving Soapstone in Tabaka, Kisii

Residents Carving Soapstone in Tabaka, Kisii/photo

3. Sample of soapstone bowls carvings

Soapstone Bowls, Plates Africa

Soapstone Bowls, Plates Africa/Photo

4. Egg Carvings with art on top of it

soapstone animal carivings

Soapstone Animal Carvings/Photo

Do not miss arts, sculptures and Kisii soapstone mining, carving and exports from Kenya update!

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