Kenyan’s reaction to Bob Collymore’s comment that he does not really like Kenyan food

In the Morning of Tuesday 2nd June 2015, Sophia Wanuna had an interview with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore which was featured on KTN’s Morning Express: Person of interest. The interview was then shared on KTN’s Facebook page under the title “Bob Collymore: I don’t really like Kenyan food” (the  interview is available here). Kenyans on Facebook took to KTN’s Facebook page to express their anger over Bob Collymore’s remarks.

Find below the reactions of Kenyans;

  1. Yusuf Hills: The exit door is wide open.even me i dont like how u eat my bundles.
  2. Patrick Kapus Kasirim: No wonder he conned us yesterday with bogus Madaraka day bonus.Orangutan!!
  3. Nicolus Nick: Equity wil overtake you… Utakula ata mtura soon. Mpanda gazi ushuka
  4. Fidel Otieno: Na unafanya nini Kenya?! jinga ii
  5. Blessed Joy Joyous: with the money u have stolen from us definetly you cannot have appetite of our food
  6. Kim Kimtai Ndiema: that is why i nowadays use MTN Uganda because i also hate Bob Collymore with passion, anybody to forward my feeling to Michael Joseph!
  7. Cindy Sweet: Never mind of the food Bob, kindly can you explain how it is possible to load a 50 Shilling credit at 9.00 pm before i go to sleep and early in the morning before i do anything else i try to make a call and the answer which i get is the usual one, You do not hv enough credit to make this call, and sure enough when i check it is zero bearing in mind i hadn’t indulged myself into any debts with safaricom
  8. Yasri Omari: How about you tell us what time the night bundles expire and why do they expire together with the day time bundles?
  9. Edger Van Gal: u steal our money to eat foreign food. how do u say okoa jahazi is 100bob but u gve out 90bob…bytheway just leav KENYA na uende!!!!!
  10. Millie Kamau: I don’t give a rat, we don’t like u either. Kutuibia tu ndio zako. NKT!
  11. Smart Paul Sibado: collymore na wezi wa kariobangi are just the same
  12. Enock Nyamberi: u have made kenyans poorer n now u dont eat food from poor people
  13. Lizz Beabianca Monique: si ahame…hatutaki huto tubundles twake kutukulia tu
  14. Jacob Owino: U keep on eating my bundles until u hv lost appetite,wacha uanze kunyongwa ndio ujue
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The above comments we retrieved from KTN fb page where Boby Collymore’s interview with Sophia Wanuna was shared.

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