Kenyan Weekly Food Menu TimeTable: Breakfast, Lunch, dinner meals, eat healthier

Meal plan and Weekly food timetable  on what meal to prepare for your family. For, singles this menu will be of value. It is comprised of typical Kenyan meals diet  for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/Supper.

typical kenyan ugali meal

Typical Kenyan Ugali meal/Photo



When i was a kid my mum used to ask us  every day on what we wanted to eat. It is true that in most families kids to have a say on what meals are to be prepared. But sometimes you will have to take control to ensure that your family eats healthy.


For singles, making a decision on what to prepare for Breakfast, lunch, dinner/supper is such a big deal. When i moved out of mum and dad’s home and begun living alone in Nairobi i had tough times deciding on what to eat each day. I used to spend hours thinking on what meal to have.
I therefore, decided to to draft a weekly food timetable  below. The one week food timetable comprises of typical Kenyan foods for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, supper.


Kenyan Weekly Food Menu Table: Food list for  your  home menu

Typical Kenyan Nyama Choma food

Typical Kenyan Nyama Choma food/Photo


  • Lunch: Beef, Greens and Ugali
    Dinner/Supper:  Githeri mixed with potatoes

Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner: Rice with Liver


Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner: Chapati with Meat stew


    Local Kenya Githeri meal

    Local Kenya Githeri meal/Photo

Lunch: Matoke (Option of mixing with potatoes)
Dinner:  Chicken/vegetable/ugali


Lunch: omelet or Mukimo (mashed beans, corn, potatoes and greens)
Dinner: Nyama choma/chips.


Lunch:  Irio (Mashed Peas and Potato Mix) or Fried Fish
Dinner:  Ugali/Eggs/Greens


    Typical Kenya Chapati meal for breakfast

    Typical Kenya Chapati meal for breakfast/Photo

Brunch:  Chips Masala
Dinner:  Pilau

Some ingredients that you might be interested to accompany or add to your meals include: pepper, onion, ginger,garlic, chili, avocado,


NOTE 1: Recipe of all the above mentioned foods is available in the meal page

NOTE 2:  99%  of my breakfasts consists of White Coffee and Brown Bread smeared with Prestige Margarine. Once in a while Mandazi. I try to operate within my five figure salary budget. You might be interested to add some fruits and eggs.

Typical Kenya Sukuma Wiki meal

Typical Kenya Sukuma Wiki meal. Most common vegetable food in Kenya/Photo

NOTE 3:  Breakfast and Dinner meals should be accompanied with a fruit if you can afford

Finally,  planning for your menu is a vital part of your family life. There are different ways to go about if any of you have some health complication/disease like Cancer or Diabetes which require too much consumption of fruits. So research well om what works best for you.

Learn how to prepare listed meals: Kenyan


  • Recipes Guide
  • Biriani
  • Chapati
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Kuku wa Kupaka
  • Local Beef  Stew
  • Maharagwe va Nazi
  • Mandazi Recipe
  • Matoke
  • Mbaazi za Nazi
  • Omena Recipe
  • Pilau
  • Roasted Chicken with Garlic Butter and Vegetables
  • Roasted Rack of Lamb
  • Sambusa
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Ugali na Sukuma Wiki
  • Wali wa Kukaanga

Want to know how to prepare any of the listed meals above.  Check out here: KENYAN MEALS RECIPES

You can also read  Procedure of Cooking Chicken stew meal: Kenyan Recipe

Do not miss our next update on Cheap  kenyan  food list, Susan recipes and best local meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/Supper.

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