Kenya Power: KPLC Pyabill Number, How to buy tokens via Mpesa-Safaricom Prepay and Postpay

Procedure on how to pay your Kenya Power bills, buy tokens  using KPL Mpesa Pyabill Numbers for Prepay and Postpay safaricom, Airtel Money, Cash Payment, ATM Payments,Bank Payments, Cheque Payments.

kenya power kplc paybill number 888880 token buying via mpesa

Kenya Power-KPLC paybill number 888880 for token buying via mpesa

How to Buy Kenya Power (KPLC) Prepaid Tokens  using  M-PESA Paybill Number 888880

  • Go to Safaricom  M-PESA menu
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Then Select Pay Bill
  • Then Select “Enter Business no. Use KPLC’s Lipa na M-PESA PayBill Number 888880
  • Then Select “Enter Account no. Use your  KPLC Prepaid Meter Number (11 digits)
  • Then Enter Amount, minimum KSh100 and 35,000
  • Then  Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • You are done

NOTE: For Mpesa postpay customers kindly use paybill number 888 888.

Official Kenya Power website:
Official Kenya Power Mobile Phone contacts: 95551
Kenya Power on Facebook:
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Common Kenya Power Terminologies Definations

MINISTRY OF ENERGY (MOE)  Is mainly responsible for policy formulation and granting and revoking generation and distribution licenses upon recommendation of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC); and settlement of disputes arising from parties aggrieved by ERC’s decision(s).
NATIONAL ENERGY POLICY  This broadly articulates the Government’s strategies for the energy sector generally and the power sub-sector specifically.

NATIONAL GRID  The network of electricity transmission and distribution cables used in the conveyance of electricity.
NETWORK A system of transmission and distribution lines cross-connected and operated to permit multiple power supply to any principal point on it. NON – TECHNICAL LOSSES  Non-technical losses are caused by actions external to the power system and consist primarily of electricity theft, non-payment by customers, and errors in accounting and record-keeping. OFF-GRID POWER SYSTEM  A stand – alone electricity generation, transmission and distribution network serving a confined part of a country or region. Kenya’s more remote regions have isolated or off-grid power systems.

OFF – PEAK ENERGY  Power supplied during hours when power demand is usually low.
ON – PEAK ENERGY Power supplied during periods of relatively high system demands. OUTAGE  The period during which a generating unit, transmission system, or distribution line is out of service.
OVERLOAD  To put too much electricity through an electrical system or piece of equipment..
PEAK DEMAND  The maximum amount of power necessary to supply all customers at peak time.
PHASE  One of the characteristics of electric services supplied or the equipment used. Most residential customers have single-phase service. Large commercial and industrial customers have either two-phase or three-phase service.

PLANNED ELECTRIC OUTAGE  An interruption of service to electric lines to permit work that cannot be performed while the lines are live with electric current. Whenever possible, affected customers are notified beforehand.
POWER  The time rate of using electric energy, usually expressed in kilowatts.

POWER GRID  A network of power lines and associated equipment used to transmit and distribute electricity over a geographic area.

POWER POOL  Power pool consists of two or more utilities who combine their resources to better meet their individual needs.
POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT  The negotiated bulk power tariff between Kenya Power and the power generating companies, including other related contractual agreements between Kenya Power and those entities.
POWER RATIONING  A deliberate action to allocate different hours of electric service to customers in respective locations in response to a power shortage.

POWER SUB-SECTOR  The part of the energy sector concerned with the electricity business. PREPAID METERS  Devices used to access electricity that has been paid for in advance.

RURAL ELECTRIFICATION AUTHORITY (REA) Rural Electrification Authority (REA) was established by the government to speed up the implementation pace of the rural electrification programme.

SOUTHERN AFRICA POWER POOL (SAPP) An integrated network of electricity transmission lines linking several Eastern and Southern Africa countries.
SUBSTATION  A small building or fenced – in yard containing switches, transformers, and other equipment and structures for the purpose of adjusting voltage, monitoring circuits and other service functions. As electricity gets closer to where it is to be used, it goes through a substation where the voltage is lowered so it can be used by homes, schools and factories.
SYSTEM LOSSES  The proportion of electricity lost in the process of transmission and distribution.
TARIFF  The charge levied by Kenya’s Power sector for development, operations and maintenance of the power system. The entire power sector is financed from the total revenue collected by Kenya Power from its retail tariff which is set and approved by the ERC.

TECHNICAL LOSS  Technical losses occur naturally and consist mainly of power dissipation in electricity system components such as transmission and distribution lines, transformers, and measurement systems.

THERMAL ENERGY  Thermal electricity is generated from the heat produced by the burning of fossil and renewable fuels.
TRANSFORMER  A transformer is a device used to change the voltage level of electric current. Transformers can either increase or decrease voltage.

TRANSMISSION LINES  Heavy wires that carry large amounts of electricity over long distances from a generating station to places where electricity is needed. Transmission lines are held high above the ground on tall towers called transmission towers.
TRIP The switching “off” of a circuit breaker due to a fault in the electric circuit or power equipment.

UNPLANNED ELECTRIC OUTAGE Any interruption in the generation, transmission, or distribution of electricity systems which is not scheduled
 BILLING  A charge applied to an electricity customer for energy reserved or made available explicitly for that customer. This charge is levied whether or not the customer actually uses the energy made available for them.

BLACKOUT  A blackout is a complete interruption of power in a given service area. Blackouts come without warning, last for unstipulated periods, and are typically caused by faults. acts of vandalism, equipment failure or  sever weather.

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