Healthy oughta be the default mode for a campus student. However, infections such as STIs, diseases, unfitness and even minor complications like acnes often lead to deviation from the healthy status.


Your campus lifestyle may either enhance or disorient your health. So, how do you keep healthy?


Avoid irresponsible sexual behavior

It’s my no.1 point since irresponsible sexual behavior has probable adverse and irreversible effects.

Several infections transmitted sexually are incurable. In spite of this, some medicines hinder their causative agents from attacking often. If already in such a situation, the earlier you seek medical attention, the better.


Proper eating habits


The Charles Babbage’s ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ applies here. Eating healthily is directly proportional to positive physical and even psychological implications to yourself.


Melanie Winderlich says “If we are what we eat, then many of us must be tripping all over the place due to lack of balance.” I cannot agree with him more.

Take fruits and vegetable daily, avoid excessive intake of junk foods and meat. Take at least eight glasses of water daily and you will be amazed by how healthy you’ll grow to become.


Adequate sleep

“Sleep is no mean art; for its sake one must stay awake all day” says Friedch Nietzsch.

Sleep is a necessary break. Actually, according to a research by Harvard students, someone who has learnt a concept then had enough sleep is more likely to remember the concept than someone who has not had enough sleep. Continuous six to seven hours of sleep at night is recommendable for campus students.

Try as much as you can to have a regular time which you go to bed, for example around 10:00 pm daily.


Keep fit

Make sure that your body is in motion a good deal of time during the day.


Other activities

Participate in social activities as often as you can. Hang out, play, take walks, laugh, rest, name them.

These will help relieve stress as well as re-energize you.

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Health is wealth. Treasure it and it will serve you a great deal.

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