KASNEB has partnered with some of the top best online libraries in the world that would  see 4,700 of its students in Kenya access them in the pilot stage. A statement released by Kasneb reads;

Best online libraries in Kenya brought by KASNEB
Best online libraries in Kenya brought by KASNEB. You have to be a kasneb students to use the journals, books, academic papers e.t.c/Photo

We are currently offering access to online learning resources to students on a pilot program. Access will be granted to the first 4,700 on a first come first served basis for the year 2017. If you need access you may apply through the link  http://library.kasneb.or.ke/

One MUST be a current KASNEB student and with annual renewals up-to-date. For assistance and feedback contact library@kasneb.or.ke  

Some of top Academic Libraries  that  KASNEB students will be able to access for free include;

  • ebscohost.com library
  • Ebrary.com library
  • Lelinexis.com library
  • Jstor.org Library
  • Wiley.com online library
  • emeraldinsight.com library
  • elibrary.imf.org  online library
  • springer.com business Library
  • worldbank.org library
  • oed.com library
  • nature.com library
  • liebertpub.com library
  • tandfonline.com online library
  • tandfebooks.com library
  • degruyter.com library
  • hstalks.com online library
  • oecd-ilibrary.org library
  • palgrave.com library for journals
  • annualreviews.org best review articles library
  • cambridge.org best university library
  • pubsonline.informs.org best library for publications
  • iopscience.iop.org best science library
  • lyellcollection.org online library
  • royalsociety.org library
  • pubs.rsc.org library
  • srmo.sagepub.com research library
  • sage-ereference.com best reference library
  • muse library
  • ucpress.edu/journals.php journals library

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