Kameme TV will be going live in the beginning of Monday 10th April  2017. It is a company of MediaMax Network which is owned by Uhuru Kenyatta’s Family.

kameme tv live
Mediamax to launch Kameme TV live



Mediamax  has been expanding its media presence in Kenya and Africa. It currently owns K24 tv, Mayian Radio, Meru Radio, Pilipili Radio, Milele radio and people daily newspaper.


Kameme TV will be launched to rival with Royal Media’s Inooro TV. The Tv will air in Kikuyu language  similar to its sister radio station Kameme fm.


About Kameme TV

KAMEME TV is a general variety station that caters to Gikuyu community by offering an authentic, diverse array of local entertainment, news & studio based shows


Kameme TV Programmes

  • For Kameme TV programmes check below or visit later this page


Kameme TV News anchors

  • Check below for photo of Kameme tv presenters (list of all Kameme tv journalists, presenters or reporters will be updated in this page)
Kameme tv presenters
Kameme tv presenters and news anchors/Photo

We will be updating the photos of the news tv, channels, and presenters in the next post


Kameme TV programmes/programs

kameme tv programmes programs
Kameme tv programmes/ programs/Photo


Inside Kameme TV studio

Kameme tv studio photo
Photo of Kameme TV studio

Kameme TV official website: kamemetv.co.ke

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Do not miss our live coverage of Kameme TV launch and jobs updates

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