Jumia vs Kilimall: comparison of Kenya, Africa best ecommerce website to shop

Jumia and Kilimall are Kenya’s best and  largest online shopping malls. The two are also the top visited ecommerce websites in Africa. In this article, we are going to analyze and help you determine on which to shop. Some of the factors we will look at in our analysis are Delivery time, price of products, payment, customer care  and trust

jumia vs Kilimall Comparisons

Jumia vs Kilimall: Ranked among the top and largest eCommerce websites in Kenya and Africa. Posts looks into these two shopping blogs

Jumia Kenya  and Kilimall Kenya
I have visited offices of Jumia and Kilimall and therefore I have a deep understanding of how all work.


Before we look into each, its is good understand that;

  • Both jumia and kilimall are online shopping malls.
  • Both Jumia and Kilimall deliver products to your destinations upon purchase
  • The two ecommerce websites have their headquarters in Nairobi
  • Jumia was founded in 2012 while Kilimall was founded in 2014

Jumia Kenya vs Kilimall Kenya comparisons

Ecommerce Presence in Africa

Jumia has its branches in 6 countries ( Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon) while Kilimall has its branches  in  three countries (Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria). Therefore if you are looking for an eCommerce company that has a wide presence in Africa then Jumia is the best choice.

Jumia vs Kilimall  products Delivery Time
Jumia delivers its products in a period of  (2-7 days) while Kilimall delivers its products between a period of (2-5 days). This means that Kilimall’s delivery time is shorter than that of Jumia. Kilimall wins on delivery.

Something to note is that both deliver products countrywide
Jumia vs Kilimall Payment of goods
Both  Jumia Kenya and Kilimall Kenya allow cash payment on delivery in Nairobi  only. If you are outside Nairobi then you will be required to make payments online.  Prices are not negotiable.

Jumia vs Kilimall Product Prices

This where we have a real difference between the two.  I have tried to compare more than 100  same products sold at Jumia and Kilimall and i have noted that Kilimall prices are slightly low.  For Instance, INFINIX Zero 3 X552- 5.5  costs KSh 16,535  at Kilimall while the same INFINIX Zero 3 (X552) costs 16,999 on Jumia. Find image illustration below. Therefore, in terms of price Kilimall wins.

kilimall vs Kilimall product comparisons

Comparison between Kilimall and Jumia Kenya on product prices/Photo

Jumia vs Kilimall Customer Care
I have used both Kilimall and Jumia. Jumia customer care  seems to be more reliable than Kilimall. Kilimall needs to improve on their response rate.

Jumia vs Kenya Affiliate progamme
I have signed up for both affiliate programmes.  I have received some earnings from Jumia. For Kilimall, no earnings yet. But it has been only two weeks since i joined Kilimall affiliate. I will share my experience after a month.

Which is the best ecommerce website in Kenya between the two

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for cheap price then it is Kilimall.coke. If you are looking for general reliability then Jumia.co.ke wins

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