Americans and observers from around the globe are calling out renown preacher and motivational speaker Joel Osteen for his apparent hypocrisy after he posted a tweet that he and his wife are praying for tropical storm Harvey victims in Houston, TX.

Joel Osteen Criticized for just ‘Praying’ for Flood Victims

Joel Osteen is reported to be worth about $50 million and his state-of-the-art church can hold up to 16,800 people at a time. Many felt that Osteen has not done enough to assist flood victims given the immense resources he possesses and more he has access to.

While prayer is certainly welcome when such a tragedy strikes, it is more helpful when men and women of means come out and offer assistance where they can. Critics feel Joel Osteen could, for example, open the doors of his church to offer those fleeing the floods temporary shelter.

The tropical storm Harvey is one of the worst to hit the U.S. in recent times. Pictures and videos of victims fighting to stay alive have flooded the Internet while acts of selflessness and bravery from first responders and private citizens are not in short supply. Volunteers have been using boats, air mattresses and any floatable to rescue people and pets from the storm waters. According to Bloomberg Business, scientists have warned that storm Harvey is just a sign of more intense hurricanes in the future due to global warming.

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Here are some reactions from enraged Twitter users.


Update: Twitter user @CurdleQ tweeted that Joe Osteen finally opened the doors of his church to victims.


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