Jane shares 4 things that define success

By Matara James (matarajames9@gmail.com)

Being successful in business does not mean you have to stand alone. Most  great entrepreneur will always quote people who made  them who they are. Sometimes you need advice from people who have made it in life.  Walter Murimi who is the Co-founder of Kenya’s fastest growing Laptop distribution company in Kenyan www.laptopkenya.com  says that “learn from others”

Mrs Jane, a computer science graduate once told me education would make her successful and truly it were. After graduation, she opted to start a small cyber at Kisii town.

The beginning of her business was not easy. She almost despaired. But something kept telling to push on and eventually her business saw light of the day.Today, she has grown her business to a company and she intends to expand her biz by employing youths.


She shares 5 key factors to consider when beginning your  business that she has learnt


  1. Streamline your plan to be successful

You have heard of the quote that says “If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” In order for you business to get the best results you need to have clear objectives that will guide you to get to where you want to reach. The best way of achieving this is by writing a business plan.


2. Love to associate with successful people

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It is healthy to know who your closest friends in business. Surrounding yourself with successful people will lift you higher and influence your behaviors. The worst thing you can do in life is to surround yourself with negative people.


3. Digitize your works/Online Presence

In this era of time, no business can afford to avoid online presence. Most customers have moved online and the best way to reach them is by following where they have moved to. Create a facebook, twitter, instagram and Googplus page for your business. Give them time to grow by sharing quality content


4. Advertise your business


Publicity is the best gift that  you can give your business. Advertising your business helps in increasing brand recognition. The more people associate with your brand the more they will be interested in your services or products. Start advertising with as little as ksh. 500. You might not see the benefit of investing in adverting in the short term but it is worth it.


Post was submitted by our guest blogger James Matara and edited by Dennis Koech. 

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