25 year old Jamal Gaddafi is the winner of the KTN presenter season two in the entertainment section. Jamal Gaddafi beat his competitor Richard Onyango to emerge the winner in the Grand finale held at Standard media Mombasa road.

Jamal Gaddafi’s Birth Day: 23rd October 1989

Michelle Ngele also emerged the winner in KTN’s presenter season two in the News Editor section.
Jamal Gaddafi is a Mass communication student at the Kenya Methodist university.  Known by many as a talented, resourceful and funny person, Jamal was born in 1989 and grew up in Malindi.

The KTN’s  presenter season begun on January 2015 with over 6,000 people presenting themselves for the auditions. Out of the 6,000 four of the m got to the grand finale; Richard Onyango, Jamal Gaddafi, Abullah Ahmed and Michelle Ngele. Out of the four,  two emerged the winners in the category of News Editor presenter and Entertainment presenter on May 30th 2015.

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photo KTN presenter four
KTN presenters Richard Onyango, Jamal Gaddafi, Abullah Ahmed and Michelle Ngele at the grand finale

Above is a photo of KTN presenter season two winner in the entertainment section Jamal Gaddafi.

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