The International Criminal Court of justice has ruled in favor of somalia in the ongoing Kenya, Somali Maritime Boundary border dispute.

icc ruling on Kenya somalia border dispute image
ICC ruling on Kenya Somalia border dispute/Photo



Kenya and Somalia have been in dispute over the maritime boundary in the Indian Ocean shown in the image above.



Judge of the International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague indicated that the court is going to handle the case as it has the jurisdiction to so.

The disputed border is a narrow triangle in the coastal part of East Africa which is about 100,000 square kilometers. The small piece of land is being fought by the two neighboring countries because it is believed to have large deposits of oil and gas.


Somali Moved to Court

Somalia sued Kenya at the International Court of Justice  in 2014.  While filing the case, the Somalia government argued that diplomacy had failed and they were not seeing any progress in solving the border dispute. Kenya on the other hand argued that they had signed an MOU and the court should not interfere with it



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Do not miss an update of the  comprehensive analysis of the International Criminal Court (ICC) ruling on Kenya and  Somalia Maritime Boundary border dispute case.

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