Unlike  online shopping stores  like Amazon and walmart, In Kenya you don’t have to be worried about  the risk of losing your credit card information to the wrong person because  your credit card is not needed.


Most online shopping blogs in Kenya like Jumia, Laptopkenya and Bata have not integrated systems that can enable people to directly shop online without consulting the online store owners.


Below is a step by step guide on how to shop online in Kenya without any worry;
TEP 1. Visit the store that you want to shop online from. In this case we are using www.laptopkenya.com

laptops in kenya

STEP 2: Select the product that you want to buy and Click to open

step how to shop online in kenya
Click on the product link


STEP 3: Look at the product details to ensure that is what you want to buy

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spep 3 check product details
Check product details

STEP 4: Click on add to Cart and wait for the product to load

Shopping online in kenya
Click on Add to cart

STEP 5: Your product will  be placed in your shopping Cart. Click Checkout to fill your details

step 5 how to shop online in kenya
Click Checkout

STEP 6: Fill all your contact information. No credit card required

step 6 buy products online
Fill the Details highlighted from step 1 to 6

After filling all you information you will be contacted by the seller who will deliver the product to your location and the you will pay him/her after receiving it (pay on delivery)

That is how simple it is to shop online in Kenya. Guide sponsored by laptopkenya

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