Weddings- we love the pomp and glory, the color and the excitement that they come with. We Kenyans especially have a knack for them; getting a new dress, new shoes, and definitely getting to try that head scarf style you saw on a YouTube tutorial. It’s your time to shine! (DIY means, Do It Yourself).

How to save on wedding expenses through DIY in kenya
How to save on wedding expenses through DIY in Kenya/Photo

For the bride and groom though, the pressure can be too much that they don’t even get to enjoy their wedding plans. Or if they do, their committee doesn’t. Woe unto you if you are in the bridal team or committee. It is no wonder that couple who spent a hundred shillings on their wedding became sensational news, eaten up by the media and marveled at by the ‘oh not so simple’ middle class with grand aspirations.

Yet, it is possible to DIY your wedding to save a buck, or two; I’ve seen it done and boy was it glorious! So, here are some pointers:-

Do most of your decor

Making your select venue rise to the occasion is a big part of what makes our weddings memorable. We want to ‘ambience’ the place, and with good reason too, didn’t so and so do it? Perhaps though, your reasons are less vain. Let’s say they are.

What if I told you that you could do most of your wedding decor? Sounds insurmountable, doesn’t it – yet, you can involve your friends (just pick the creative ones, alright?) and have fun while at it.
If you are in Nairobi or have access, River road has the materials you are looking for. You can buy thread, for example, and starch at cheap prices to make yarn balls that give your night or day wedding a sophisticated look. What’s more, the thread doesn’t even have to match the color scheme, you can dye it!

You can DIY anything you need in your decor, from wedding boutonnieres and bouquets to floating candles using readily available stuff such as paper plates, embossed papers, ribbons, glass bottles, and quite literally everything you can think about.

Use e-invites or make your own cards

Thanks to technology, there are online platforms where you can design, send out and track e-vites to your wedding guests at little to no fee. The days when we sent flashy cards with glossy ribbons are fast coming to pass. The good thing with such platforms is that you can even keep reminding your in-laws or friends as many times as you feel you need to.

If that is too difficult, use Facebook and make just one or two cards for the really important people -like your parents- who feel the need for an invitation card.

There are many other ways to make sure that you don’t spend more than you can afford on your wedding day and I hope this post gets you started down that line.



DIY: Do It Yourself

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