How to choose and write final year research project topic and sample final year project.


The final year research projects are considered as one of the core modules for  university and college students.  The final year research project is  meant to let   the students combine and utilize  courses they have studies during their undergraduate period. This is why any final year student should pay much attention  to final year project.
Choosing  an appropriate final year research project topic is a big challenge to many students but here is a guide that will assist you to get through successful.
1. Like around your university or home and try to find a  topic that has not been researched  or which there is little research about it.
2. Focus on the subjects that you like their status to be improved using what you have learn in class. These subjects can selected from origins like education, health, globalization, tourism, global warming, life style, culture, entertainment
3. Ensure that you choose three topic which you will submit to your supervisor for approval
4. Write down the problem area and think about why the topic you have selected is important to be considered as a final year project topic.

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Final year Research Project Breakdown/schedule


  • Choose  your topic from the project list
  • Propose your own topic
  • Choose your supervisor
  • Prepare problem statement
  • meet with your supervisor
  • write your project
  • Submit draft to supervisor
  • prepare final copy  for presentation

For more information on How to choose and write final year research project topic and sample final year project visit of research page.

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