How staring at your Smartphone in the dark can make you lose eye sight

Losing eye sight through staring at your Smartphone in the dark


smart phones and social lifeIn 2014 Lizzie Parry shared on daily mail that a man in china who had been gazing at his Smartphone for hours (reading and texting) almost went blind after his retina detached from his black part of the eye.  Experts indicate that retina detachment takes place when the lining at the black part of an eye begins pulling away from blood vessels which supply it with nutrients and oxygen.  The condition can lead to blindness if not treated.

The man’s condition was however fixed through eye surgery by the doctors. The doctors indicated that Smartphone light might have put unnecessary strain on his eye.

Another instance occurred in England where a twenty two year old girl almost went blind. The girl’s left eye was functioning properly but she could not see through the right eye.

With the increase in dependence on smart phones the condition has become rampant. Researchers refer to the condition as “transient Smartphone ‘blindness.” A case where due to the degree of difference in bleaching of photo pigment, one eye becomes light-adapted while the other eye being blocked by the pillow becomes dark-adapted (refer to a study on Transient Smartphone blindness published here).

Medical Experts’ advice that you don’t look at your Smartphone in the dark while lying on one side. It will strain one eye and at extreme levels your retina may detach. And if you can avoid using your smartphone in the dark.

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