Some say its magic, others say its science, others even say its art, well ladies and gentlemen, today I bring to you, a combination of all that plus much more. Introducing to you; MAGIC MUGS OR OTHERWISE KNOWN AS COLOR CHANGING MUGS. We, at Linx creative media provide mug branding solutions to your door step.
We offer;
• Magic mugs
• Normal ceramic mugs
• Glowing mugs
• Couple mugs

Couple Mug Branding
Couple Mug Branding


Magic mugs are black under normal room temperatures but after pouring any hot liquid in it, it changes color revealing the picture and message on the mug. Once it cools it goes back to its normal black color.
Normal mugs are ceramic that we design the pictures and message that you send into a lovely design that we then proceed to brand on the mugs.
Glowing mugs are ceramic in nature, change color when exposed to light. They would be quite exquisite during dinner dates in your house.
Couple mugs come in two where one mug is cylindrical and the other mug has a depression that allows the mugs to interlock, very unique for couple who want to enjoy unique mornings together.
To order; it’s simple, just whatsup me the picture you would like branded on the mug, we can put up to 3 pictures on one mug and the incredible message you want on it. I do the design and after you approve the design, we make the mug.
Once you order, you get the mug in 2 days and all our mugs are offered at very fair prices.

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For those interested, contact BRAYO on 0714-187398

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