Class Notes: Below is a guide on what students can do with their notes after graduating.

How graduates can make good use of their notes after graduating
How graduates can make good use of their notes after graduating


The notes can be given to students of other colleges/universities as a donation. It will be a good step of kindness to the students who will use them in those institutions. There are many students who will readily accept such notes knowing how beneficial they can be.

Set up a blog/website

Create a blog/website where you can post the notes topic by topic each day. In such a manner, the notes will reach a larger audience locally and internationally.Eventually,through the traffic generated by the audience that views the notes, the owner of the blog/website is able to earn advertisement revenue for advertisements put on the blog/website. It is the most beneficial step in this guide for any graduate who does it well.

Write eBooks

As a graduate with complete notes, you can start creating eBooks containing different topics of what you studied. Another student of the same career as yours who is yet to graduate will buy the eBook to capture information that he/she may need.However,the price you set for the eBooks should be student friendly so that it can be easy for students to buy your eBooks.

Start a book shop

One can set up a book shop with different books of several topics. Using the information put in the eBooks, the owner of the ebooks can generate hard copies of the same and avail them in a book shop set up by him/her. The shop should be set up near institutions of higher learning and at a location where it can easily be seen by students and even lecturers. Lecturers can also benefit from the same notes by using them as additional teaching material.

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By doing one or more of the above things, a graduate can easily get monetary value from the notes used before finishing school.

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