West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has issued a directive banning all female county staff from wearing miniskirts and trousers to work. He also ordered all male staff, including drivers to senior staff, to wear suits and ties to work.


While issuing the directive, Lonyangapuo said indecently dressed employees were making it difficult to differentiate genuine from ghost workers. Lonyangapuo said, “miniskirts, halter tops and female trousers are not among preferred or acceptable attire. I will not accept (to have) my county officers to wear them.”

The governor warned  that those who will not comply with the order will face disciplinary action. He advised those who could not afford new suits to seek the services of tailors from nearby polytechnics.

Some employees have protested the directive noting that it will be hard for them to carry their duties in suits. Female engineers and field officers particularly complained that it will be impractical for them to carry out responsibilities in the required attire and pleaded to be allowed to wear trousers.

Lonyangapuo’s order comes hot on the heels of Karatina Ward MCA’s Watson Mburungo’s complaint over female colleagues wearing miniskirts. He said that they (male legislators) could not concentrate on house business because of female MCA’s skimpy dressing.

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The miniskirt ban has kicked the storm online with a section of social media users terming the censorship archaic. Others supported the directive noting that some women go over the top in their dressing in formal settings.

Here are reactions from Kenyans on Twitter:

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