Getting Accommodation in University Hostels after admission and Living Off-campus

After being admitted to campus or getting a letter of admission to join your university or college of choice, the next big headache is getting accommodation. This articles looks into the procedures of securing a room in university/college hostels and what it means like living off-campus/rental house.

Getting Accommodation in University Hostels after admission and Living Off-campus

Getting Accommodation in University Hostels after admission and Living Off-campus, the benefits/Photo Source



Procedure of Getting Accommodation

Most Universities have student portals commonly referred to as  online hostel booking portals that allows students to book for their rooms online.

The hostels are awarded on a First-come, first-served basis. But, most Universities give first years a first priority, which means there are universities hostels preserved for first years. You should however note that even if you are a first year and you delay in paying hostel fee and booking in time, you will not get accommodation in campus. There is also no 100% guarantee of getting one.

You should be able to confirm with your University of admission  to know the dates of booking hostels so that you are not locked out.

Residing off campus which involves making your personal accommodation arrangements by renting some room near campus can also be another choice.

What are the Benefits of Staying in University Hostels: Living On-campus vs. Off-campus

Whether you are a first year or continuing student, one important decision you have to make is whether you want to live in campus hostels or private hostels/rentals/off campus.

From my previous experience, i recommend that as a first year, you should consider living in university hostels for the first semester so that you can get used to campus life before moving out. Below are some points to help you make a sound decision on where you want to reside as a fresher.


Living In campus

  • Convenience: Living near hostels makes your work easier. If you have a long break after class then you can go to your room and have some rest. You can also easily walk to classes, libraries, computer labs, and cafeterias anytime.
  • Social life: With living in campus hostels, you can make friends with fellow hostel mates thus expanding your campus social life far from classroom.
  • Cheap: Living in campus means that you don’t have to think of extra costs of living in rentals  like paying for power bills, water or transport.
  • Naughty roommates: Because there is no privacy in university hostels means that you will have a hard time if you get a naughty roommate. Like those who drink too much and become disorderly. Like those who have sex regularly without minding that it is disturbing to you. Like those who keep bringing night parties to your room.

Living off campus

  • Privacy: living in university hostels means you have to share bedrooms, bathrooms and sinks. But living off campus means that you have all the privacy that you need.
  • Rules: Campus Hostel life comes with a few rules. However, this varies, but many universities have required meeting hours when visiting the opposite gender. These rules do not exist in off campus.
  • Expensive: Living off campus is too expensive. Unlike in university hostels where for instance you will be required to pay accommodation fee of about khs. 3,000 per semester, living off campus  means you will be required to pay about ksh. 12,000 per month (a semester has about 3 months).

So go ahead and make an early choice before joining campus. Do not also forget to check the dates of booking rooms.

You can also read  Press Statement issued by student union chair concerning the ongoing university staff strike

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