Since attachment/industrial practicum is compulsory to most courses in kenya, there is no way to escape it. Most universities require that one undertakes one in their third/fourth year of study. Whereas,some universities help their students secure placement, most leave it upon the students to find one on their own. Whichever the case, how do you ensure you get along with your station supervisor keeping in mind they contribute to your final grade?


Get conversant with organizational rules


It doesn’t matter whether your attachment is for a period of two or even three months, you will have to adhere to organizational rules and regulations. Do what is expected of every one else. You are not special. Infact, they are doing you a favour to let you learn.

Asking doesn’t make you stupid

Do not be afraid to ask for clarity in areas you are not sure of. It’s better to polish your work in one go than having to repeat it all over again simply because you missed a tiny detail.Your inquisitiveness may even show your supervisor how willing you are to learn.Be friendly to other colleagues as well. That may even end up opening doors you never imagined.

Out perform

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Treat tasks assigned to you with utmost professionalism. Meet deadlines and get out of your comfort zone. Show your supervisor you know exactly what you are doing. Be ready to output extra hours if necessary. Remember you are building your portfolio. Make sure to get an outstanding recommendation letter that will help you land your dream job.(That’s if they don’t offer you one after your attachment.)

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