Below is a list of forms for company, society, tender and business registration in Kenya. All the listed forms are available for download in the link provided below.

company registration forms in kenya online download
Download online company registration CR forms in Kenya


Download all Companies, Societies,  Tenders and Business Regulation, Registration Forms online in Kenya

  • Affidavit Form H
  • Annual return form
  • Bn 6 notice of cessation of business
  • Bq-ncia2
  • Bq ncia2 1
  • Bn2 statement of particulars registration
  • Bn4-notice-of-change
  • Business Registration Forms
  • Cctv access control document ncia
  • Cr 10 notice of appointment of secretary and of secretary’s particulars
  • Cr 11 notice of change of secretary’s particulars other than address
  • Cr 12 notice of residential address or change of address of secretary of company
  • Cr13 notice of cessation of office of secretary
  • Cr 14 application for reservation of a  company name1
  • Cr15 notice of change of name by means provided for in a company’s articlesCr16 notice of
  • change of location of company’s registered office
  • Cr17 application for registration of conversion of company
  • Cr18 application by company to have its name struck off the register
  • Cr19-notice-of-special-or-ordinary-resolution-required-by companies ct to be lodged-with registrar
  • Cr2-model-memorandum-for-a-company-with-share-capital
  • Cr0-return-of-allotment
  • Cr21-notice-giving-particulars-of-rights-of-new-class-members-of-company-not-having-a-share-capital
  • Cr22 name-or-other-designation-of-class-of-members-of-company-having-no-share-capital
  • Cr23 notice-of-variation-of-rights-of-members-of-company-having-no-share-capital
  • Cr24 statement of capital for-an-unlimited-company-converting-into-a-private-limited-company
  • Cr25 particulars of charge created-by-a-company-registered-in-kenya
  • Cr26 particulars-of-charge-subject-to-which-property-or-undertaking-has-been-acquiredCr27 particulars-of-charge-subject-to-secure-series-of-debentures
  • Cr 28 memorandum-of-full-or-partial-satisfaction-of-charge-over-company’s-assets
  • Cr6 notice-of-appointment-of-directors-and-their-particulars
  • Cr7 notice-of-change-of-directors’-particulars
  • Cr8 notice of residential address orchange of-address-of-director-of-company
  • Cr9 notice of cessation of office of directors
  • Companies Regulations
  • Company registration form gazette final 2
  • Electrical document ncia
  • Fc7 notice of change of particulars relating to registered foreign company
  • Icescr-2016-observations
  • Legal-notice-no.-60–61
  • Ncia mech bq2
  • Notice of residential address or change of address of director of company form
  • Private Companies Registration Forms
  • Society’s Registration Forms
  • Specimen Constitution for a Property Club
  • Specimen Constitution for a Society
  • Surety Bond
  • Tender notice partitioning subworks
  • Tenders forms
  • Upr-draft matrix may 2016
  • Statement of nominal  capital1 Guidelines to completing form cr1


Download any of the above listed business documents in Kenya form in this site

How to start your business in Kenya (Changes from the old procedures after implementing of the The Companies Act 2015)

  • Submission of a Unified Application Form at Huduma Centers (One stop Shop)
    Single collection of Certificate of Incorporation, KRA PIN, NSSF registration
    certificate and NHIF certificate at Huduma Centers.
  • Model memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Standardization of registration fees to KES. 10,000
  • Elimination of stamp duty assessment on nominal capital
  • An Advocate is no longer required to prepare incorporation documents.
  • The Declaration of Compliance by an Advocate before a Commissioner of Oaths is
    no longer required.
  • Company Seal is now optional.
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