First year survival tips: Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are some of the major causes that lead to peer pressure in campus.


When you are first year student in campus, the pressure to fit in and be accepted by those labelled as `cool` , can lead you to make some very dangerous decisions.  However, If you stand your ground, it is very possible to deal with peer pressure, as a first year campus student.


There are a few steps you can follow to assist you up your game in dealing with peer pressure during your first year in campus:


  1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Accept yourself completely. Learn to appreciate your little defects and strengths because they make you stand out from a crowd.
  2. Teach yourself to ask questions before you do anything. Always analyse a situation and find out if it will build you or break you.
  3. Be confident and courageous enough to say no and turn down anything that may compromise your morals and integrity.
  4. Try as much as possible to avoid temptations. What do I mean? If you know a certain place or group of people will influence or tempt you to do something you might regret, work hard to avoid it.
  5. Surround yourself with people or friends who have similar beliefs and moral standards as you. This builds and boosts your confidence

Finally, I agree that peer pressure is a major issue for many students in campus, especially first year students. However, if you have clearly stipulated goals, you are confident and have all your priorities right, peer pressure will be a minor issue to deal with.

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