Renown economist and NASA strategist David Ndii was arrested yesterday night in Kwale County. 

Reliable sources confide that Flying Squad officers arrested Ndii at the Leopard Beach Hotel in Diani, where he was staying with his wife. He was then driven to an unknown location.

Economist Dr. David Ndii was arrested yesterday at a hotel in Diani.
Economist Dr. David Ndii was arrested yesterday at a hotel in Diani. Photo: Courtesy

More officers proceeded to the hotel room Ndii and his wife were booked in and ransacked it. It is not clear what they were looking for but speculation is rife they wanted Ndii laptop; which they believe may have critical info in NASA plans.

They had told Mrs. Ndii that her husband was being held in Diani Police Station but she didn’t find him there.

Whilst in Police custody, Ndii’s wife was questioned and later released. However, she was not accorded the opportunity to see her husband and talk to him.

This morning it emerged that Dr. Ndii was driven to Nairobi overnight. He is currently being questioned at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi over incitement allegations.

Ndii is known for his fierce criticism of the Jubilee government’s economic shortcomings. He has been especially vocal on financial mismanagement of projects such as the Vision 2030, Standard gauge Railway and the Eurobond

News of Dr. David Ndii’s arrest have sparked a fierce online storm with social media users across the divide condemning the act.

Most were quick to draw parallels with Moi’s government where critics were rounded up, harassed, tortured and some cases assassinated to quell dissent.

The arrest comes barely a week since President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration and subsequent proclamation that he is now focused on uniting a highly polarised Kenya.

Here are some reactions from Twitter users:

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