Why cortana can’t find your  music: “Song unrecognized, on this service is retired, by music continues” are the unfamiliar phrases that greet Cortana users when they try to identify music using.

Cortana is dead, not working
The screen that greets Cortana users when they try to identify music. Photo: Edwin Nyakang’i

Cortana has, or rather had, an in-built music-identifying capability – more like the popular music identification app, Shazam.

Cortana users would simply tap on the music icon and Cortana would identify a playing song from Microsoft’s Groove music library.

However, this is no longer possible because Groove, the Microsoft’s music streaming service, is retired. Microsoft killed Groove on 31st December 2017.

Killing Groove has an array of repercussions, including inability of Microsoft users and apps (like Cortana) to access Groove’s music library.

The Groove app will now only act as an offline media play and won’t be able to uninstall.

Unfortunately for Microsoft Windows users, they will make do without a music identifying app.

This is especially given the other available option, Shazam, is now Apple-owned.

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Shazam has not been available on Windows Store since march 2017.

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