How student leaders are making millions of money by conning first years

Just the other day Kenyayote published a guest story of how a student leader by the name Socrates was allegedly reported working with cartels in the accommodation system. Here comes another major scandal.

The 2016 Moi University Student Organization (MUSO)-SGC  has turned into a hub of corrupt young guys milking millions money from innocent first years left-right-center.

On  September 8, 2016 first years were expected to go for orientation and student leaders decided to use the chance to dig into their pockets. They invented an illegal contribution scheme where each first year was required to pay Ksh. 500 before entering the orientation hall (multiply this by thousands of first years admitted to Moi Main).

They went further to issue a memo which was signed by the mastermind Morris Mureithi (MUSO-Academic director). The memo attached below read;

“This is to notify you that you will be officially signing membership nominal roll tomorrow 8th, September 2016 as from 8.00 am…..come with ksh. 500 for registration fee”

muso fees

MUSO MEMO (student/Image)

What is membership nominal roll fee? This is illegal.

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It should be noted that any mandatory kind of fee  is supposed to be included in the fee structure so that parents can help students raise it.

On matters to do with Club and Organization registration fee,  it should be one’s choice. No student should be coerced or forced to join any organization or club like what the leaders are doing/did.

Then again, all students do pay MUSO subscription fee which is included in the fee structure. It is therefore a violation of the existing law for student leaders to order first years to pay ksh. 500 before attending orientation.

These student leaders should be in jail. We cannot have a university producing corrupt leaders.

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