Choosing the best health insurance cover for your family in Kenya

At this time and age, health  insurance  has become a fundamental in every household. People  are slowly  embracing medical  insurance and it’s  definitely  high-time  you get one if you haven’t  already. But then what are you to look out for to ensure  you get the best offer? Here are some  tips  to help you  in decision  making.



Get to know what’s  really covered.  


Take your sweet  time to go through  the policy and inform yourself  on what’s  covered  and what’s  not. Do not just assume. Remember what you might have heard about another health policy  might not be necessarily  included in yours. Weigh the pros and cons. If the positives greatly  out do the negatives then you could  have landed a good deal.


Make sure you are dealing with an authorized  sales individual


With so many fake people  exhorting  money from innocent  Kenyans, you won’t  want to talk into the same trap. Verify  if the insurance  sales agent you are dealing with is authorized. Make calls and do a background  check before you sign that policy. Otherwise  your money could just go down the drain.


Compare and contrast


Get to review  as much options  as possible  before you make your choice. Talk to family and friends  who are already  insured  and get to hear their success/failure stories. After all is done, choose a cover that are affordable  according  to your earnings. Do not commit yourself  to something  you will struggle  contributing. Remember the choice is solely  yours and you have the final say.

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