How to Check Grammar and Sentence Structure Online

Checking Grammar and Sentence Structure Online: Is it “there” or “their”, “here” or “hear”? When you think about it this way, the answer seems very simple. But as a writer that has many tasks to deal with every day, you might confuse words, make some typos, and in the end, sound ridiculous due to these errors.

How to Check Grammar and Sentence Structure Online

How to Check Grammar and Sentence Structure Online/Photo Source

However, there isn’t much you can do to prevent such mistakes, as good old proofreading is extremely time-consuming and special editing services charge a lot of money for their work.

Luckily for all of us, technologies have made a huge leap forward in this area. So, today we can use special online tools to check our grammar and sentence structure.

Sounds terrific, don’t you think?

We definitely do.

So, meet our list of useful resources and save them to use the next time you need to check grammar but have no time for old school proofreading (which, undoubtedly, is very helpful but also quite tedious).

6 tools for grammar and sentence structure check

  • Grammarly

This is the first tool that pops up into our heads when we think about grammar check. Grammarly is simply perfect, as developers behind it know what they are doing. The tool is easy to use and offers advanced grammar check based on more than a hundred grammar rules.

All you have to do to utilize this online tool is insert your text into the relevant field and wait or a few seconds for the program to launch. You will get an extensive list of all the mistakes you made in your text including better options suggested for each one of them.

Finally, you can also download and launch a Grammarly extension for your browser that will check your grammar in every message, post or even Google search you make. Fantastic, right?

  • Hemingway app

Another fantastic app you should definitely take advantage of, Hemingway app strives to increase the readability of your text. Once you insert your text into the relevant field, the program analyzes it and shows you:

  • how many adverbs you have and what amount of them is perfect for your text length;
  • how often you used the Passive Voice and how often you should have used it instead;
  • what phrases have simpler alternatives;
  • how many sentences are written in a manner that is hard to understand;\how many sentences are very hard to read.

This tool also offers you statistics showing how many words, letters, characters, sentences, and paragraphs there are in your text and it also measures your text readability.

  • Paper Rater

This tool is not only an excellent grammar and spelling checker but also a plagiarism scan that helps you ensure you are not breaking the copyright law.

Thus, all you have to do to take advantage of it is visit the website, insert your text into the field, and click on the relevant button to start the scanning process.

The program has as many as 10 billion documents to compare your text to when checking whether your thoughts are 100% original and fresh. With this number of documents, there is no chance you will publish or hand in a plagiarized piece of content after all.

  • Ginger Software


Aiming to fix your grammar, Ginger Software will help you rephrase your sentences to make them sound right. Besides, it will fix your grammar and make your text simply flawless. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies behind the app, you can use this instrument to improve different types of writing.

Without proper grammar, you cannot earn good grades at school, gain the trust of your blog readers, or promote your product, as customers won’t trust a business owner that does not know how to write properly.

So, given the significance of correct grammar, you cannot ignore the necessity to check your ext with one of these tools once you are done writing.

  • Language tool

A free software that can take your writing to the next level. However, its biggest advantage is not only an excellent spell and grammar check. This tool is famous for being available in more than 20 languages. Not too many online tools have such an extensive list of languages available.

Besides, the tool is being constantly updated so that users get only the best results out of it. And the developers also offer an extension for your browser to help you check grammar in every message you write.

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After the Deadline

Finally, we cannot but mention another powerful tool known as “After the Deadline.” Its developers outdid themselves when creating it, as they aimed to develop a program to conduct not only profound grammar but also style and spell checks.

Thus, once you insert your text into the program, it starts analying it and offers you contextual analysis of your style, spelling and grammar usage. This program is doing a terrific job that would take you much longer to perform. There is no doubt that grammar is paramount. The Forbes stated that there are several reasons why grammar is significant in any work environment. “When you speak, you project your level of intelligence and thoughtfulness. You also demonstrate how organized you are, in your thoughts and in your intentions. If you can get your sentences straight before you say them, you’re promising that you’re more likely to master tasks at work.”

So, to have your writing talk for itself, make sure to use these tools to prevent any possible mistakes. And a fast question to our readers: what grammar checkers do you currently use?

Post Author: Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer who loves to share her thoughts with readers, now she writes for Eliteessaywriters. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

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