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Most Common Bus Stations in Nairobi, Matatu stages, terminus

Being a densely populated city, Nairobi CBD has well-packed bus stations, terminus which may be confusing in terms of location and the destinations of their buses. Below are the most common bus stations in Nairobi city. Most Common Bus Stations...

By Emmanuel Chacha on Oct 26th, 2017
Best Shopping Places in Kakamega

Best Shopping Places in Kakamega Town: Like most medium-sized towns, Kakamega has experienced a growth burst since the devolved government system took effect in 2013. Key infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, and recreational spots...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Aug 22nd, 2017
best top governors in kenya

County Governors in Kenya (Daily Nation/Image) In our earlier article, we posted about the courses that the top most powerful CEOs in Kenya did. If you missed the article visit our search button and find it. Our focus today is on degree courses...

By Elvis Nyakang'i on May 20th, 2017
Most beautiful tallest building in Nairobi Kenya

If you have been into Nairobi or live in Nairobi you might have come across some of these buildings. The magnificent 10 buildings in Nairobi describe the prosperity of Kenya. We know, many of you will complain that some beautiful buildings...

By Elvis Nyakang'i on Mar 21st, 2017
fourth annual devolution conference in kenya 2017

The fourth and the last annual Devolution in Conference  in Kenya in the first five years term will be going down in Naivasha. Here is a statement from one of the governors; The 2017 4th-fourth annual devolution conference in Kenya was opened...

By Clarice on Mar 7th, 2017