writing jobs in kenyaKenyayote is one of the fastest growing companies in Kenya. We have millions of people visiting and reading our content each month. We have plans of expanding and making Kenyayote a big company with proposed offices and headquarters in Ngara-Nairobi.
For those who are getting into writing for the first time, I know it can feel like I am not a good writer, I do not have enough experience in news writing. To be honest, everybody starts from somewhere. All those with 5 years experience or so were once upon a time where you are now. Everything is a learning process and, over time, people learn and improve their skills. We know you can become a better writer as you writer more often. We highly recommend topics focusing on campus issues including but not limited to;

  • News on campus events (parties, sports etc)
  • News on hostel happenings
  • News on student unrests
  • News on corruption scandals in campus
  • News surrounding on student leaders

Requirements of Submitting

You will only be paid if your news has been approved by our editors and has met the following conditions;

  • Must be at least 200 words
  • Must be original, plagiarized news will not be approved
  • Should center on matters affecting students
  • Must be verifiable. Rumors will not be accepted.
  • Send a little info about you (email, phone number, and what you are doing)
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Note: Your article might be subjected to editing to suit our preference.
SUBMIT your campus news article through here or like our fb page https://www.facebook.com/Kenyayote and send us your news through our fb inbox. After submitting, Send us an sms via 0720680341 notifying us that you have submitted your news article and we will get back to you once your article is approved.

Payment: At the moment Kenyayote has the financial ability of paying ksh. 100 per news story. Payment is through Mpesa. We will be increasing our pay in the near future

Note that Kenyayote also covers other topics apart from campus news but at the moment we are only in need of campus news articles.

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