In this digital era where every business person is scrambling for a segment of the online buyers, no one would want to be left behind. As much as this has made business easier, gaining trust of your online clientele is not a walk in the park as many would assume.With so many conmen/conwomen invading the space, many shoppers are becoming more cautious which could be bad for business. So thinking of going online? Below are some tips on how to build trust with your clients.

How to build trust with your online clients
How to build trust with your online clients/Photo

Confirmation of cash receipt

Confirm as soon as you receive payment for a transaction.Call immediately or use whichever means you had agreed upon. This will save the customer panic attacks especially if they are first-time clients.

Use a legit/verifiable social media account(s)

Your social media page or personal account ,whichever you decide to use, should be one that is transparent;In that a client can find almost all they need to know about you including here to find you.Conduct all your business discussions there and avoid initiating side-chats- let the client be the one to choose that option.

Get reviews

Let people who you have worked with before attest to your services/products.This will help in gaining new clients more especially the laggards.

Be honest

Above all, uphold integrity in all your transactions. Deliver what you promise and if anything changes along the way, let the client know so that they can weigh their options. Do not force your services /products on people. Everyone wants value for their money.

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