Bridge International Academies a scam in the name of a school

bridge intaernational academies

Bridge International academies teachers and pupils (Bridge/Photo)


Bridge International Academies a scam in the name of a school that will explode on the face of Kenyans in the near future

Bridge International Academies started just like any other international school in Kenya. It has now expanded at an extraordinary rate.  There are over 250 Bridge International schools spread across Kenya and mostly found in remote areas. This makes it the largest and fastest growing private school in Kenya and in East Africa at large

There is no problem with Bridge International Academies aggressive expansion rate, the bone of contention is the school’s methodology of instilling knowledge. There is so much controversy in it


On behalf of, I visited two Bridge International Academies branches in Kisii to find out more.

In the schools, Teachers have Bridge Tablets that they use for teaching. The tablets have got installed softwares modified by Bridge.  I asked one of the teachers to tell me the uses of the Tablets and she was hesitant. She later told me that the Tablets have installed instructions of learning which assist them in teaching….(and a lot more).

The Bridge tablets are also used to monitor how teachers perform. The teachers must login to the tablets every morning when they report to school. The data of all Bridge schools is then conveyed to their headquarters in Nairobi before being channeled to Massachusetts where all the data is compiled and analyzed

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Recently, Bridge introduced Smartphone to their school heads.  The Smartphone serve a number of purposes key among them being to act as an internet hotspot. These helps in syncing of data to the headquarters. In summary, there is so much confidential data these people collect from us without the knowledge of anyone.


Almost all Bridge schools have a similar look. They are constructed either with a cement or brick base with corrugated metal sides and roofs. The land where the schools are constructed is acquired from the locals for a particular number of years at a convincing rate.

It is true that Bridge schools follow the 8-4-4 system of learning in Kenya. It is true that they follow the approved curriculum. But some of the lessons undertaken at the Bridge International Academies are not in the Kenyan education curriculum. They are just for the purpose of imposing external cultural values.

This is a school that is owned by billionaires sitting in America, Monitoring what we are doing and which is designed to crush our societal values

All that glitters is not gold. I will be sharing more info…..

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