Bob braids belong to the timeless classic variations of braids in Kenya. They are among the most embraced braids in the country and are most popular among older and youthful working class women. The braids used to come up with this type of style largely depend on the preference of an individual and can even vary from colour to thickness to length. It is the flexibility of this style that makes it a darling to many.

Bob braids in Kenya, How to style, best for and photo
Bob braids in Kenya, How to style, best for and photo/Source Instagram


The style works around short box braids to convey those exotic bob looks most convenient for any occasion. For that laid back girly office look, one can rock the chin length curled up bob. The secret is to select a cool braid colour to suit office descriptions. There is also the front bang styled bob that can work for both formal and informal occasion s.The look is not only beautiful but also highlights special facial features of their wearers.



As earlier on mentioned, bob braids can be as thick or as thin as one wants them. There are also no restrictions to accessorize with beads and pins. Multi coloured bobs are also heavily embraced and worn by bold and edgy women. They can also be held into an upfront bun  to achieve that cute Chicky look for an everyday do.

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There are actually a pretty long list of styles one can wear from centre parted to shoulder long bob to braided and wrapped and half up box braids. Whatever style you select, you can be sure to step out looking absolutely gorgeous.


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