What is the process of getting my account approved for Google AdSense? Why is my account being rejected all the time? How much can my blog earn from Google AdSense in Kenya? How long will it take for my Google AdSense account to be approved? How do I withdraw my Google AdSense earning in Kenya?  How do i receive my verification pin? are some of the questions that our  readers always ask. I will answer them one by one. Lets begin by getting an understanding of  what exactly Google AdSense is and how you can make money from it..

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a platform where all publishers (blog owners) that Google advertises in their website are found. Other  similar platform include  Infolinks, MediaNet, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clicksor e.t.c (we have a comprehensive post about each one of them). For Google to start advertising in your website  or blog as a publisher you must have a blog//website  that meets its policies.

What is the process of getting your account approved for Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the best and highest paying online advertising company. It is also the most reliable way of making money online through your blog or website for starters. For Google to start placing ads in your website you must first pass all its approval processes and meet the following conditions

  1. Your blog must have bee running for not less than six months. However, you might be lucky to be approved in only a month if your website that has enough, original and quality content.
  2. Your website must be available online. It must not have server errors like 505 or 404 errors
  3. Your website or blog must have original content (avoid copyrighted content)
  4. Your website must use supported language (English). Avoid using unsupported language


  1. Your website or blog must be well designed and easy to navigate through. If you are running your website on word press make sure you have used the best theme otherwise you might not be among the bloggers who cash from AdSense.
  2. Make sure your website has privacy policy (include cookie policies) contact and terms page
  3. Make sure your website does not have terms that violate Google policies i.e adult content (search for terms that Google prohibits using)
  4. Make sure that each of your post is at least 300 words long. With a minimum of 30 posts.
  5. Make sure that you don’t have blank pages
  6. Websites with Tech or Educational content are normally rejected because they have become too many (you will hardly find this secret in any blog). However, I am not saying your website will not be approved, give it a try.
  7. You can check further AdSense polices here https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/23921
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How long will it take for my Google AdSense account to be approved?

Six months, but your account might be  among the lucky ones to  be approved in one month if you meet all the AdSense polices. For publishers in countries like India and China you have no otherwise but have a site running for at least six month for your blog to be approved for Google adsense.

How do i receive Adsense Verification Pin

Adsense verification pin will be sent to your postal address. Make sure you have provide a working postal address during the application process.  Otherwise you will encounter problems in receiving your verification pin.


How do I withdraw my money form Google AdSense earnings in Kenya

Google AdSense payments are made on the 22nd of every month for the previous month’s earnings. How fast you want to receive your earnings depends on the mode of payment you have decided to use. For those in Kenya and other parts of the world, Google AdSense pays through the following three options

  • Western union-the best and fastest way to received your AdSense earnings. You don’t need to open a bank account. What you need is your National ID and that is all. You earnings will reflect in your Western union account 4 hours after deposit (The following message will be appear in your account after payment: Automatic payment: Western Union. 30878656766. Status: Issued (8/26/13)
  • Check-very slow. Your earnings are sent in form of a check to your postal address. I will not encourage you to use this form of payment.
  • Wire transfer to bank account-You earning will about a week to arrive.

How long does AdSense take to review my website after I have applied

  • Fist step AdSense review process takes a maximum of 3 days-(Mine was approved in 24 hours)
  • Second step AdSense review process takes upto 2 weeks (It is the hardest AdSense approval step)

After you have met all the above requirements visit Google AdSense page and apply. I want to assure you that your account will be approved immediately. You can also contact me for more guidance on how to get approved if you account keeps on being rejected (i prefer email contact please). Remember that a very simple mistake can make your website not to be approved for Google AdSense.

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