Best Medical Insurance companies Kenya: There Health Covers and Benefits

In this post, you will learn of where to get the best health insurance services in Kenya and there benefits. Medical Insurance plans in Kenya Cover inpatient and outpatient services for both illness and accidental hospitalization including local and international. Below this article you will get a list of companies offering the best medical insurance covers.

Best medical  insurance companies in Kenya,  there covers and benefits

Best health insurance companies in Kenya, there covers and benefits/Photo

Categorization of medical insurance covers


  • Individual/family medical insuranceBusiness Enterprises medical
  • Insurance ( 3 Staff members and above)
  • Corporate medical insurance cover (100 staff members and above)

List of the medical insurance benefits and covers


  1. Accident Hospitalization
  2. Illness Hospitalization
  3. Admission in Major Private Hospitals
  4. Doctor’s (Physician, Surgeon & Anesthetists) fees.
  5. Drugs/Medicines, Dressings and Internal Surgical appliances.
  6. Pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG and Computerized Tomography, MRI Scans.
  7. Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.
  8. In-patient Physiotherapy.
  9. Emergency Road and Air Evacuation subject to overall cover limit.
  10. Day care surgery
  11. Theatre including surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees
  12. Road and air evacuation in case of emergency
  13. Intensive care unit (ICU)/High Dependency unit (HDU)
  14. Overseas evacuation for conditions whose treatment is not locally available
  15. Internal prostheses
  16. Last Expense
  17. International treatment for medical cases that aren’t treatable in Kenya
  18. Rehabilitation – wheel chairs etc
  19. Maternity Benefit
  20. Psychiatric Treatment
  21. Congenital conditions
  22. Daily Hospital bed charges
  23. Cancer and Pre-existing conditions covered
  24. Organ transplant covered
  25. Chronic conditions & HIV/AIDS cover
  26. International emergency medical cover area up to the first 45 days per trip of absence from territory
  27. All outpatient services

Best Medical Insurance companies in Kenya, 2018

  • AAR Insurance Kenya Ltd
  • Heritage Insurance company Kenya
  • APA Insurance
  • CIC Health Insurance
  • Jubilee medical insurance

NOTE: All the 27 benefits listed above are offered by AAR insurance. Other companies do also offer them but not the complete 27.

For more information you can contact Dennis Awuori on (He works for AAR) or you can contact our editor on +254720680341

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