Mombasa is one of the Kenyan counties with most frequent tourist visitors due to presence of a good deal of places to visit there. Here are some of them.

December Holiday Destinations in Mombasa County, Places to Visit
December Holiday Destinations in Mombasa County, Places to Visit/Photo

Fort Jesus

Get to see this strategically positioned historical building built by the Portuguese in the 50s. Its architectural design will amaze you.

You will also get to hear about how the slave trade was conducted, see some old weapons and canoes.

The Fort Jesus also gives a great view of the Indian Ocean.

Haller Park

Previously known as Bamburi Nature Trail, Haller Park is a beautiful place with co-existing wildlife. It has animals such as buffaloes, fish, hippos, zebras and waterbucks. It also has numerous birds species.

Mamba Village

It is a wonderful crocodile farm found in Nyali. When you visit you’ll get to hear interesting biology about these animals. If you love horse riding, there is plenty of room and resources for that. There is also an aquarium in the park.

Mombasa Marine National Park

It’s a kind of special park that safeguards marine life. Talk of coral reefs, sea grass beds, mangrove and even sandy beaches.

Apart from marine life, activities such as snorkeling and diving are available.

Beachside Resorts

There are plenty of cool resorts in Mombasa which offer a spacious accommodation environment and food. Some of them are just by the beach; which makes it even more convenient for your tour in Mombasa.

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Mombasa is indeed a favorite place to visit this December. It has friendly welcoming people, scenery and a very friendly environment.

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