Best free proxy and Premium VPN to hide my IP Address, surf anonymously

Best  free proxy servers and Premium VPN  software to hide my IP Address and surf anonymously for  privacy, security, and access of blocked websites, blogs in the internet.

free vpn proxy services and premium hidemyass

free proxy services and premium vpn for hiding your IP address and accessing blocked, websites, comments and alternatives of hidemyass

This article provides a free guide on how to download full version of  Hidemyass VPN and hide your IP address as you browse.

Where do i get my IP address in PC and what is IP Address?
Definition of IP Address: Internet Protocol (IP) Address are unique numbers separated by periods (.) that help identify each PC/Computer/laptop for ease of transfer of information in the internet. IP address is like your footstep. Every website you access your leave behind your footsteps (IP address) which makes it easy to trace your location.
Where do i get  my IP address: To know your IP address just visit: and your IP address will be displayed for free (No logging required).
Why do people Hide their IP address using Hide My Ass VPN?

  • To Hide their locations and avoid being tracked
  • To access restricted websites  and blogs where one has been blocked. Countries like China and North Korea have prevented access to some sites, in this case, Hide My Ass VPN can come to your rescue
  • To access websites that allow for  a one time free trial  service  before making a purchase for instance in Netflix.
  • To access blocked comment section like disqus

How  do Hide My IP address in my computer

To hide your IP address on windows laptop/computer follow the following steps

  • On your pc go to>Control Panel
  • Go to>Network and Internet
  • Go to>Network Connections
  • Right Click on> Local Area Connections
  • Click on> Properties
  • Click on>Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) then click properties
  • Then Go to  USE the following IPv6 address.

UPDATE: The above method requires you to input an IP address. This is where Free Proxy severs at Hide My Ass can help you.  Use Hide My Ass VPN free proxy to surf anonymously and protect your online identity. The free Hide My Ass VPN  proxy hides your identity and IP address

How to Join and use HideMyAss VPN to HIde your IP

  • Visit:
  • Click “JOIN NOW”
  • Choose the subscription plan you would  like to purchase (Check pricing below)
  • Enter your valid e-mail address and continue
  • Fill in the required billing details  and choose your preferred payment method. Depending on your location, a different set of payment methods will be available (Credit Card, paypal, bitcoin, mastercard, Bank/wire Transfer, webmoney e.t.c)Place Order
  • You will receive an email  notifying you that your order was successful and another email  with the payment receipt from Avangate.  You will also receive another email with title “Welcome to HMA” with the order reference number.
  • You are done!

Premium Hide My Ass VPN Pricing Charges

  • $11.52 monthly
  • $8.33 monthly for one time 6 months subscription
  • $6.5 monthly for one time 12 months subscription

Here is what you will enjoy with premium Hide My Ass VPN

  • Hides IP for  games and apps
  • It Works with other devices like  (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Hide My Ass VPN Encrypts your activity, stopping hackers from messing with your privacy
  • It guarantees High-speed browsing, including HD video streaming
  • Hide My Ass VPN has servers in 190+ other countries
  • It offers Regular virtual location (IP address) changes
  • It Protects you from malware and phishing threats
  • Hide My Ass VPN Works well with web browsers  like Chrome, etc.)
  • It helps you to Hides your identity from online  snoopers
  • Hide My Ass VPN Hides your location (IP address)
  • It enables to Access to your favorite websites in Netherlands, USA and  UK

What you should know about using free VPN services
In the current era of online advertising, hiding your IP address and having an encrypted connection is vital. From my experience, i  will advice you to spare a few dollars for premium VPN. There is no real security in free proxy services . Then again, free proxy slows speed and puts you in more problems. Using free proxy services accessing bank accounts is even more dangerous.

You can also read  Official website portal to check Jubilee Government Delivery projects, Development

Do not miss our update on best alternatives  of hidemyass free proxy services and VPN for hiding IP address in China, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Germany e.t.c Contact

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