Learn about the Best blog where to read/study about African cultures


Over  time, i  have been compiling a list of best websites where you can learn about fashion, education, technology, entertainment, startups, agriculture, politics, travel  and religion in Kenya. But i think i have been leaving out one of the  best topics, CULTURE. So, which is the best culture blog in Kenya?



Medianorth was founded in the year 2014 with the aim of connecting Africa to the rest of the world through an online platform for educating the world about African Cultures and  its Beauty. Apart from African cultures, Media north also covers other important issues happening around the globe.  Below are just but some of the topics covered at medianorth.co.ke
1. art
2. Borana culture
3.  Cultural Events
4. African cultures
5. Dasnach
6. Kalenjin culture
7. Traditional music
8. Photography
9 Rendille culture
10 Samburu culture
11. Travel
12. Turkana culture
13. Morans

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Its unlikely that you will get any website in Kenya that  has such information unless you go to the museum. Discover about the Borana culture, Rendille Culture, Samburu Culture,Turkana Culture. e.t.c by visiting medianorth.co.ke

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