Best betting Guide for student gamblers: Football Tipster Advice

Bet Betting Guide for student Gamblers

Over the past few years I have been looking at ways to make a living from football betting. Now this may surprise you but I haven’t been buying every football system on the net or subscribing to tipping services in a quest to find ‘the one’! No, I have been putting my time into researching what it is the very small minority of punters are actually doing to make consists profits week after week. It took a while but eventually I got there, and all the time it was right in front of me, staring me in the face.
You see, the reason you and the majority of the betting population fail to make any kind of profit from betting, particularly football betting, is because they bet on the wrong events, the wrong markets and most importantly the wrong teams, without even mentioning discipline and money management.

Students love to bet, and every week they will visit their best betting companies and fill out a football coupon, maybe even have a scorecast or 1st goal scorer in the hope that they can win quite a large amount in a short period of time. Unfortunately the majority of them lose, maybe just 1 team has let them down on their bet but they still lose, well the professional gambler is sitting their counting his money.
I am guilty of this too and I still have a coupon at the weekend, but only very small stakes and only for entertainment value. In no way do I expect to make serious money from a football coupon, first goal scorer or any other type of bet of this nature.
So what exactly is it you bet on to make a living out of football?
I don’t want this article to be thousands of words long and I don’t want to waffle on about this that and everything to make the book seem longer. I am going to get straight to the point.
Forget accumulators, doubles, trebles, first goal scorers etc…
The absolute number 1 rule is to bet on WIN SINGLES ONLY. Yes, the most simple and straight foreword bet you can place. A simple WIN bet. This is what the pro’s do and this is what you should be doing too. A single bet either wins or loses, if you had an accumulator and 1 team loses and the other 5 win, you still lose. If you had placed a win single on each bet then you would have 5 winners and 1 loser. Don’t be fooled by the potentially high returns of accumulators, they may look appealing but they are not. Unless you’re a bookie of course!!
Ok, so who do I bet on?
I am going to split this article into sections because there are a couple of different methods I use each week. I will explain each section as simple as I can:
Section 1 involves Betting  short priced, ‘hot’ and ‘strong’ teams
Section 2 involves Betting  lower league teams with value odds
Section 3 involves betting on the Over/Under goals market


Betting short priced favourites that are almost certain to win, and guaranteed to give you a long term profit. Before I began my research I presumed that professional gamblers knew something that the rest of us didn’t, I believed they had large winners at high odds, or they had inside information or they just got lucky. How wrong could I
After spending many hours talking to people, researching and finding out exactly what they were doing to make consistent profits from football betting I was quite surprised when I discovered the answer. Let me ask you this……
If you bet ksh. 100 every Saturday would you walk into your local betting company and put ksh. 100 on Leicester to win at 1.67? This means you would win ksh. 167
Would you do it? NO, I didn’t think so. That’s not even enough to buy you a pint. It probably doesn’t even cross your mind.
But this is exactly what the professional gamblers do and it’s what I have been doing all last season, however, with higher stakes than ksh. 100.
I may sound a little crude but you must place yourself in a different frame of mind from now on, if you want to start making consistent profits from football betting just like the pro’s then the first 2 things you must do is to bet ‘win singles’ and bet at ‘odds on’ prices. (Unless there is very good value to be had, which I will explain about later) Simple!
Well not quite that simple, this is only the half of it. If you just went around betting on any odds on teams then you will quickly find yourself bankrupt. There are certain teams and certain ways in which we select our bets each week. If you follow football already you will know that there are what I call ‘hot’

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Section 1

Hot teams
These are the teams that are way above the rest, and are expected to win every week, although we know this is not possible we are surprised when they don’t win. The teams I am talking about are PSG, Leicester, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan etc. including other teams who dominate lower divisions too.
And it’s no surprise that these are the teams with very low odds, but are they actually that low??
For example, to the average gambler they may see the price of 1.67 for Leicester to beat Chelsea at home way to low for their likening and they see no value at all. Now to the professional gambler who knows that Leicester are currently in great form, have the home advantage, have not conceded a goal in 3 games and are playing a Chelsea side who are very poor away, and have just come back from a recent European match, maybe thinking this is a very good bet, and he knows that this bet will probably win 19/20 times. He places ksh. 1000 and waits to collect his ksh. 670 profit, well the average gambler had placed his accumulator with 5 odds on teams and one of them draws leaving him with a loss.

Section 2

Strong teams’
There are also teams that I like to call ‘strong teams’, these are the teams that are doing well and are usually between 3rd – 7th position in the league, they usually have a good home record but not as consistent as the ‘hot’ teams. Their odds are usually higher than the ‘hot’ teams too. When we get good at selecting ‘Strong’ teams then our profits really grow quickly.

Section 3 Under/Over
I will talk about this type of bet in my next article. Do not also miss to check out Kenyayote forum page where I provide tips every day for free. 70% guarantee win.

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