Employees are a key determination to the growth of any company. No employee will would want to work in a company with poor working conditions. Researches in the field of management have released several reports which show that a good working environment motivates employees, which makes them more productive. There is also a link between employee who work under motivation and customer loyalty.



Some of the questions that  our readers have been asking include  but not limited to; which is the best company to work with in Kenya? Which company has the highest paying rates in Kenya? Which company has the best working environment in Kenya? Which are the top employers in Kenya? Is there any relationship between employee productivity and working environment? All this questions can be answered through the list below of Best 7 companies to work with in Kenya according to a ranking released by The Top Employers Institute.

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The ranking comprises of a  comprehensive independent research which  revealed that  the companies  provide exceptional employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation and have demonstrated their leadership status in the HR environment.


Best 7 companies to work for in kenya

  1. Becton Dickinson East Africa Ltd
  2. DHL Worldwide Express Kenya Ltd
  3. Earnest and Young Kenya
  4. G4S
  5. Microsoft
  6. Old Mutual Kenya
  7. Unilever Kenya

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