If you are a Safaricom user I am certain you have heard of the banking service pioneered by CBA bank and Safaricom called Mshwari. Here is my experience of using Mshwari

First of all let us look at the steps of setting up an Mshwari account.

Step one of setting an Mshwari account

  • Click the Safaricom button in your phone. It will open two options (Safaricom and Mpesa). Click the Mpesa option. After clicking the Mpesa option the following options will appear under Mpesa (send money, withdraw cash, Buy airtime, Mshwari, Lipan na Mpesa and My account).
  • Go to the Mshwari option and then go to the activate option. You will be asked to enter your Mpesa pin.

Step two of setting up Mshwari account.

  • After activating your Mshwari account wait for about one to thirty minutes and you will receive a message that your Mshwari account has been activated (This message reads, “ Your M-shwari account has been created successfully. If you do not get your menu automatically within 30 minutes, please update your M-pesa menu to get the Mshwari Menu”).  You are done with creating your account.
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Benefits of using Mshwari

  • The main benefit of using Mshwari is that there are no charges when you are doing your transactions from Mshwari and Mpesa.
  • If you save your money in Mshwari it will generate an interest as shown below

Ksh. 1-10,000-you will get 2% interest annually

Ksh. 10,001-20,000-you will get 3% interest annually

Ksh. 20,001-50,000-you will get 4% interest annually

Ksh. 50,001 and above-you will get 5% interest annually

  • However remember that you will pay a facilitation fee of 7.5% within 30 days for the loan you take. For instance if you take a loan of 1,000 you will pay 1075 within a period of 30 days.

Do you have any questions about the benefits of depositing or using Safaricom’s service Mshwari? Let us know in the comment section below.





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