Be aware of counterfeit, fake cooking gas that explodes

Cooking Gas explosion
Cooking Gas explosion

There has been rampant sale of fake cooking gas which poses a threat to the users.  Over the last three months several cases of cooking gas explosion have been reported.

A cooking gas explosion was reported where two children were killed, parents seriously injured and their house wrecked down.

The latest cooking gas explosion was reported in mlolongo where six people were injured. I have also personally had a friend who has been a victim of a cooking gas explosion.

Here is how to purchase a genuine cooking gas

  • Purchase from recognized petrol stations like Shell, Total, Hass, Oil Libya or approved distributor
  • Make sure that valve is covered with a genuine seal which has an aluminium top with a unique serial number
  • Make sure the cooking gas cylinder is within validation period of 8 years
You can also read  Documents used in business transactions

We will soon be listing gases that have had the highest rate of explosion in Kenya

Have you ever had a gas explosion? Do you have any inquiry on how to identify a genuine cooking Gas? Do you know of any other way of identifying a genuine cooking gas that we have not listed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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